Wayfarer International Rally 2007
Kragenæs, Denmark * August 13th-19th
the Ammentorps' photo album - 3
Friday, August 17th
Announcement at skippers meeting: Very windy day today! No sailing!

After skippers' meeting ”Doktor Hansen” (Danish liqueur/schnaps) is served at Irene & Poul’s tent.
Allan & Sue Parry from England

Smokers' Corner: Sue Parry and Jesper Friis

Heavy wind! We are bound for a “historical” walk in the area of Kragenaes.

Here we have the whole Wayfarer Hiking Team!
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Ann Kell (England) and Mette Holvert Denmark in the little forest beside the campsite

  Irene and Karen from Denmark lead the field - harvest done! -
followed by Ton Jaspers (Holland) and Jesper Friis Denmark.

”Skipper” Bo Christensen (Denmark) leads the way towards the burial mounds

Fantastic view from Glentehøj (Kite Hill)

Anne Kell looks into the burial mound through an “open window”.

Inside the mound was a wonderful burial chamber. The "window" is at the top of the picture.
Jim Cooper and Malcolm Henderson from England, with Claus Holvert (Denmark) in the background

Arne Stahlfest (Denmark) at the opposite end. The burial chamber was nearly 10 meters long

  Ralph Roberts (England) - taller than your average Viking - coming through

Arne Stahlfest (SWS) ”On top of the World” together with Anja.(SWS)

On our way to the next burial mound, but it was closed. Sue Parry, Irene and Bent Holvert in the front!

Eventually we found a sign showing that it was Glentehøj we had visited.

The hike continues: Entrance to Ravnsborg
Today Ravnsborg is an impressive large ravine on Lolland's north coast towards the Småland Sea. In the early 1330s, Count Johan den Milde, also called Johan of Plön or Johan of Holsten, built Ravnsborg castle on this hill which rises 18 meters above sea level. It was formerly an island, so to get to the castle one had to cross a 200-meter-long pile bridge. The castle - over 100 meters long and 50 meters wide - was surrounded by a brick wall. In 1347, Ravnsborg became a royal fortress, and it was the seat of the sheriff, but in 1510 he moved to Engelsborg on Slotø in Nakskov Fjord, and then the decay began. The municipality of Ravnsborg is named after the castle.    Tekst from: http://da.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ravnsborg

Beautiful view from the ramparts of Ravnsborg. Fresh wind in the hair of Kis and Irene.

The Wayfarer dog Bine and Steen Antonsen (SWS) climb the fence.

By the beach, Allan and Sue Parry found this lovely summer residence.

Ralph Roberts and Jill Henderson (England) out in front. The evening before Jill was dancing to the jazz
of the Wayfarer Stompers with Egon Madsen (SWS). Unfortunately, it ended with a broken arm.

Wayfarers in the breeze

The "Anchor Dram" - this time not “After Sailing” but “After Walking” - at  Jill & Malcolm Henderson's
(l to r) Ralph Roberts, Irene, Jill, Sue, Allan and Malcolm

Sue and Irene making Sloe Gin - looks almost like a home distillery

Here the official “After-Walking”, where Arne Stahlfest's beautiful article in the Danish Boat Magazine,
about the tour “jumping from island to island in a Wayfarer" is admired.

Conny from Holland and Egon Madsen from SWS: Wayfarer Tales are never boring.

Cozy time in Irene and Poul's tent. Outside it is raining!
Right to left: Dennis Kell (England), Poul (SWS), Ton & Conny (Holland) and Jesper (SWS)

Anne Kell and Malcolm Henderson (England)
In the background the raindrops look like the "Milky Way".

Saturday, August 18th
Nice summer weather with a lovely breeze. We are going to Lilleø and Askø.

Fie & John Goltermann (SWS) in Den Blå Hawkat (The Blue Catfish) on the way out of Kragenaes harbor which ...

... is teeming with Wayfarers today. To the left Karen and Elof Andersen in the W5131 (SWS),
in the middle with the red sail W 5194 Rachel & Simon McEvoy from England
and on the right Mette and Bent Holvert (SWS) with the reef in the mainsail.

High spirit in W 5131 Kantarellen with Karen & Elof Andresen (SWS),
and to leeward W 5247 Sjask (Splash) with Mette & Bent Holvert (SWS)

From left: W247 Emma, W5194 Miss Quinn and W 9283 Susanne

The spinnaker is about to be set on W247.

Susanne with Merete Jørgensen and Egon Madsen (SWS) on a collision course with the Fejø Island ferry.

Emma crew Dennis is working hard to get the spinnaker up. Here the spinnaker pole is almost ready.

We have reached today's destination.

The sandy beach on the north coast of Lilleø (Little Island)

Lunch is being prepared.

Allan Parry and Simon McEvoy (England) in deep discussion

So, what did Allan say to Simon?.

Lovely Wayfarer dinghies at anchor - Wayfarer sailors can stare at them for hours! 

What a wonderful sight!

Dennis & Anne together with Simon and Jim (England)

the north beach of Lilleø (Little Island) 

Anne & Poul exchange experiences regarding the maintenance of older wooden Wayfarers.

Anja Höglund and the famous Lilleø pears
They were very tempting as they hung right there, but unfortunately not ripe yet!

Anja & Bo with Allan Parry. Is it getting hot Bo?

Elof Andersen and Bo Christensen have crossed the causeway from Lille
ø to Askø.

Anja, Karen and Mette
The causeway that connects Lilleø to Ask
ø in the background.

Inside of the beautiful church of Askoe

The text on the pulpit reads "All things are possible for the one who believes."

Anja has studied the book about Askoe and shows us the decorated wings.of the altarpiece
Elof Andersen, Anja Höglund (SWS) and Rachel McEvoy (England)

Anja folds the altar piece back to the open position and the candlesticks are put in place.

fresco on the wall in the church

Chart of Askoe - the causeway to Lilleoe can be seen at the top.

Back on the North beach of Lilleø again. It's time for coffee which is convenient with the "beach chairs"
that can be stowed away in the aft compartment of a Wayfarer.
(l to r) Ton (Holland), Sue, Allan (England) and Irene (SWS)same
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