two more sets of fine photos from the International W Rally 2000
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From: KEN-Krist. H. Jensen
Cc: Allan W7556 Parry ; Geir W5957 Jemterud ; Ken D. W6141 Jensen ; Poul W239 Ammentorp
Sent: Saturday, May 01, 2010 10:26 AM
Subject: Al's IR archives updated

Dear Al,
...  Allan and Sue have been very good to show up at the W rallies; maybe they went to Koudum, Friesland, and have pictures from there!?  I know they went to Oulton 1999 as did Grethe, Lars and Geir Jemterud, and also Ken t.y. with his daugther and a friend. Some of their pictures I have seen from that event.
Norw. W.Ch. + Rally 2000. On Allan's you'll find pictures, and the ones below are from the same Portal, but from /5140. From there I have tried below to give the text in English, but making enlarging arrangements for pictures is beyond me - sorry!  Rolf H-H. is the specialist for me on such!

Good luck - get preferably min. 2 liters of water per day - stay well !
K. rgds, Ken, W1348"Maitken" 


W5140 Mosja really means Grandpa in Dutch, but due difficulty in pronounciation for the Dutch grandchildren, it made a new and special addition to the Norwegian language. Einar Tveito, joined SWS 1975 as an eager W-racer and W-cruising-sailor. Often he made long solo-cruising trips from Kragerø and East to Outer Oslofjd., and SW to nearly Kristiansand; bad weather made him turn back on that one.

In 1996,  E.T. sailed as crew in W1348 Maitken on a cruise from Kristiansand - Cape Lindesnes v.v.  in good company with W2042 Fru Larsen, Bo & Neel. A rough trip hard on the wind and breakers, but although E.T. had been through a demanding heart-operation that left him unconscious for 18 days, he stood up to the demands in splendid tough W-seaman style, taking a lot of water over his neck as he prefered not to helm.

The text by W-companion through  > 25 yrs. Ken-W1348 Maitken. Fotos by Einar Tveito at his summer cabin by Kragerø where the Armada of the *Sørlandscruise 2000*-W-Rally arrive.  'Horn'-blown in by Poul Ammentorp pulled by W1348+W4647 due no wind at all, but some rain for freshness!

E.T.´s Cabin and permanent summerplace which receives many W.s on visit.
Ken is posing on the terrace as look out. About 100 m down to the sea.

First Armada batch on approch

Tying up at  E.T.'s jetty

Tie-up in progress. Everybody here now. Ken slides partly into the 'drink'!

Total 7 W.s = 6 guests +  W5140 Mosja (Falsled made, Orange) at her home port.

Late dinner, post rain, in the evening sun at the "E.T.'s Jetty Restaurant".

Anchor drams refilled. Sue og Allan Parry, W7556 Dylan of UKWA.

Dishwashing and clearing by Vibsen Stahlfest, W6791 Wave-Dancer, Farum, DK.

Well deserved relaxation after a long day:  Irene (W239 Woody) og Allan W7556 Parry.

Pause in Sing-Song. clockwise from left: Vibsen, Sue, Ken, Neel., Bo, Allan,
Ralph, Irene, Eivind (W4647), Arne Stahlfest + Maestro, Guitar Poul A.

Making ready for departure. The person by the flagpole picks up his clothes being dried
as a slippery foredeck made him partly wet the night before.