Notice of
Wayfarer International Rally 2000
Larvik, Norway * July 2000

About July 10th to July 23rd

First part: The idea is to gather at the group of islands called Bolaerne in the beginning of the week. Bolaerne are at the outermost of Oslo Fjord. Then there will be flotilla sailing towards Larvik. Arrival should be on Friday. Suggested starting point is Valloey in the outskirts of Toensberg or Engelsviken on the eastern side of The Oslo Fjord. If you come from Denmark it is convenient to start from Engelsviken. Larvik Sailing Club is hosting the Norwegian Wayfarer Championship 2000 in the weekend and everybody is encouraged to attend. Please refer separate announcement.

Second part: On Monday after the Championship the flotilla is continuing south-westwards. Chosen route depends on your wish to sail back to your car or use the bus to get hold of the car to pick up the boat.

Sailing Ability - Requirements

Joining the rally requires a great deal of previous experience. Each Wayfarer and crew will be a self-contained unit with own gear and provisions and must be able to get along on its own if demands arise. For instance the crew must be experienced in reefing and navigating. Contact one of us if you need more information. Boat tent or small land tent is used overnight. Shower and toilet facilities will only occasionally be available (a handy small spade or scoop is useful).

Available Seats

We don't expect that you bring your own Wayfarer if you are an overseas sailor or if you are travelling very far. It is necessary for us to get hold of some available seats. Of course it is voluntary and totally up to you but if you offer vacant seat(s) please make it clear on the entry form. To our opinion three is maximum on board on a cruise like this.


Deadline is June 1st. Complete your entry form. If you come from United Kingdom please send it to Ralph. I you come from Denmark please send it to Bo. If you are from Norway or any other country please send the entry form to Ken. Shortly after the deadline we will send to everybody: a list of participants, a plan for manning the boats and other information that we find necessary or useful. Already now you might have some questions. Don't hesitate to contact one of us to have an answer or a discussion.
K.H. Jensen
Granallen 30
N-1363 Hoevik
Bo Christensen
Mosegaardsvej 68
DK-2820 Gentofte
Ralph Roberts
9 Oak Avenue
Suffolk NR34 7DN

Entry deadline June 1st.

Wayfarer International Rally 2000

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Period to attend: r week one r week two r both weeks

Starting point: r Valloey r Engelsviken r Larvik r

Seats to offer: r 1 r 2

Seat wanted: r Yes

Preferred arrangement: r Sailing back to starting point r Pick up car and trailer