the 2nd International Wayfarer Rally
Koudum, Friesland, the Netherlands

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From: Wayfarer (Ton Jaspers W10445)
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Subject: 1996 Rally

2nd rally was held near Koudum, not Koudam. Actually "de Kuilart" (name of the camp site) is closer to "de Galamadammen" the name of the place where the bridge is. Though Galamadammen is only two farms and a pub, it is a well known name with sailors because of the bridge. "Koudum" is the name of the nearby town and the name of the municipality "de Kuilart" belongs to.  
Galamadammen Translates to: Galama - dams, Galama is a common family name in Friesland. Most Frisian family names end in "ma" wich means "son of" as in the English "Johnson" (Son of John). So the funny word (even in Dutch) "Galamadammen" probably means Dams build by Gala-son. Today the bridge has been replaced by an Aquaduct, as have four other bridges in the area, making it an even better sailing area for small boats. The camp site (de Kuilart) is still an expensive luxurious place and requires reservations a year in advance. That is the reason the annual Dutch rally is held in Heeg a few kilometers to the north-east. 
lots of photos to come from the Ammentorps:
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Subject: 1996 International Rally pics

Hi Al,
Irene and I have lots of pictures from the 2nd International Rally in Holland, where we stayed at the campsite De Kuliart in Galamaddammen just at Lake Fluessen. The pics are on paper, so they have to be scanned, and I have started the work.
Irene had found the Wayfarer News Autumn 1996 Issue 71 with the rally report of Ralph, as well as W-nyt January 1997 containing her report. It will help our memory when adding texts to the pics.


It was fun to have the right explanation from the mail of Ton on the name of the “very tiny” town Galamaddammen. (See below)

Every time we came to the little town we were talking about: “Who has been living there”?
Freely translated to Danish: Gala = Gal (in UK: Mad or angry) and maddammen = madammen (in UK: the “heavy” lady or madam). In other words: “The mad madam”.

from the UKWA Wayfarer News:

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