the 2005 Scandinavia Cruise

Ken Jensen reports on the
2005 Scandinavian Wayfarer Cruise

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Hi Al,

... The four W-Danes are just now on the road for Copenhagen, DK, but K.jr. put some pics. into my computer from the crs. showing (023 - 027) the start, being escorted out into the Skagerack Sea by Gudtorm Heldal, W7172 (Svenner Isle lighthouse in the background):

Elof (r) og Karen Andersen

 ... and a few days later in the cruise coming into shelter (066 - 071) by Risør. W-Viking Lady Karen, with presumed skipper- husband, Elof in W5131, is a real tough W-sailor - with no soft words if her finger gets jammed.

Cruise report author, Ken Jensen Sr.

Our 05-Crs for 2 W.'s. was about std. except a run in breaking seas to Risør where W5131 used only the small jib, and W1348 only the 'W-trysail' so we could stay hove to and also go close hauled/tack back, when Karen+Elof fell too far behind.
I am still impressed how well it works also working back into/against the waves. When Gudtorm and I sailed, 11 hours non-stop, from Larvik to Drammen, we used his W-trysail, and he showed me his idea of using the spinnaker-pole from a small loop in the tack-eye of the W-trysail to a small loop in the sheet-eye making the sail a small loose-footed main-sail. Especially efficient, I find it, on a broad reach, and on the run - as it 'wings' the W-trysail better and prevents some of the folding on the shrouds for these conditions.
Also the last day - waiting/hoping(!) for a windshift that never came - had us(not my wish!) in the boats from 09:20 to 19:00 bar a lunch-stop of approx. 1 hour, meaning on the wind close-hauled/tack+tack and tack again into also a strong head on current(except the very last 40 meters to the slip-way!) for 8hr.40min, creating the foundation of a good nights sleep to follow.
All the very best to you + all yours.  Ken